Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Reveries of Giants with serpentine feet etc

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I was inspired by Ovid's Metamorphoses which tells stories of Greek Mythology and that fight with the gods and briefly describes the giants that fought with the Gods, and these beings had snake feet and also images of the mythological figure Abraxas , an ancient Egyptian god connected with early gnosticism had serpentine legs and he was related to entity Baphomet. Finding out about these inspired me as well.

See: Space Jockeys With Tentacular Legs or Multi Knee Joints

Ovid briefly mentions the battle with the snake-footed 
giants, who fought to avenge the Titans' downfall
source: http://larryavisbrown.homestead.com/
Museum Collection: Villa Romana del Casale (in situ),
Piazza Amerina, Sicily, Italy
Catalogue Number: TBA
source: www.theoi.com/

A wounded, serpent-footed giant, Roman
mosaic C3rd A.D. , Villa Romana del Casale
detail from above image
(soure: http://www.theoi.com/)

 various depictions of Abraxas (source gnosticwarrior.com)

Siren at the Metropolitan Museum of Art

Space Jockey's with tentacular legs,
or multi knee joints

I was being inspired to think about the possibility of the space jockey having flexible lower limbs that might be serpentine or tenticular to some degree, although I wanted to look at the idea of adding firm joints to the tentacles. The inspiration came from stories about the ancient giants that the gods fought with in Greek Mythology and the image of a mythological character called Abraxas.

See: Reveries of Giants with serpentine feet etc