Thursday, 31 October 2013

original Alien Poster

leading from

a) When the Alien poster first came out in 1979 outside of the cinema, I wondered what to make of the organic grid at the bottom. I thought at first that these were humans bowing down to accept their hellish fate as the primal egg unleashed it's glowing energy.  The since these things were not necessarily actually humans, I wondered if perhaps they were transforming into something less known and it was also something therefore very alien.  I also thought about people in anti-nuclear weapons protest people lying down with their arms spread out which still goes on today. This bowing down of multiple humans idea that I had would also bring me to think about a possible mass ritual suicide.

Alien Centipede 2

I had been drawing pictures of the Alien Centipede inspired by Tom Six's The Human Centipede and then when The Human Centipede 2 came out in 2011 which featured a group of humans layed out in the form of a centipede in a dark space, I took note of the poster and it reminded me of the strange criss-crossing pastries effect at the bottom of the Alien poster that when it first was shown at the cinema reminded me of humans lying down with their arms spread out on the ground to accept obliteration or a sense of hellish transformation into something else, perhaps in the Alien movie become victims of the cocooning process, in Alien to become food for a spore to grow, or in Aliens, a host for a chestburster. Perhaps now we are dealing with Prometheus, the imagined might undergo an actual transformation into some sort of other thing.

Alien Centipede

Having seen the publicity for Human Centipede which came out in 2010, a rather wonderfully strange but severe movie about a surgeon who stitches three humans together that seemed reminiscent of early David Cronenberg,  I began to wonder about a Giger's Alien version of the concept and thus began to draw Aliens forming a chain connected by genitals or strap on dildos inserted into one another's rectums since there was enough of this sort of connectivity going on in HR Giger's illustratons. Perhaps this is what would feature in an Alien movie if Tom Six the director of Human Centipede had a go at directing one.

Alien meets Gravity: Gravitalien

a) While observing the publicity images for Gravity, I began to wonder how one might transfer ideas to do with Alien into this movie since it was in some way asking me to.  I wondered about Aliens crawling around ruined parts of space crafts in Earths outer orbit and then when I looked at the images of the astronauts connected to one another by umbilicals marooned in space. Perhaps there are aliens out there in the outer orbit ready to pounce on any stray astronauts

b) I thought about my earlier concepts for an Alien version of Human Centipede which might feature aliens connected to one another with their phallic tails inserted into one another's anuses walking around together. I took an image of the alien suit shown at various exhibitions of Giger's and replicated it a few times to build a chain as if they are passing by in the manner of a train.