Saturday, 28 February 2015

Dreaming about Alien meets Ringu = Aliengu

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a) After Ring/Ringu
I was inspired by Gore Verbinski's remake of the Japanese movie Ring in 2002 and also the original movie from 1998 by Hideo Nakata. I even enjoyed the sequels and prequels and also very much the Ring novel series by Koji Suzuki that lacked the ghostly elements of the movies

b) Mutability of Ringu
I keep thinking about what would happen if someone made a movie that was supposed to be an "Alien meets Ringu" and for the purpose of this flow of thinking, we might call it Aliengu. Ringu was the Japanese horror movie directed by Hideo Nakata, based on Koji Suzuki's novel Ring, and and American version of the movie was called Ring. It seems that Ringu also took some influence from the movie Videodrome by David Cronenberg which featured a television station that transmitted a cancer into the viewer

c) Adapting the basic Ring story to Alien
 In this vague thought, Aliengu would be about the discovery of an alien space ship that transmits a signal that infects all the people who hear it and the ridiculous idea would be that it has cargo hold full of biomechanoid videotapes with very weird content that once it gets through a videorecorder onto the TV, infects whoever watches the videotapes contents. The story featured a cursed video tape that killed the person who watched it after a number of days, and on the videotape would be a strange vision put there by means of the gift of Nensha by a woman named Sadako, who also appeared in the novel to be a sufferer of Testicular Feminization Syndrome unable to physically have a child and in a way the continuation of the reproduction of the cursed videos would be her child. Simply the effect of the video with it strange contents of the video tape itself would be a strange killer

d) Mysterious presence
In the movie, there was the spirit of Sadako following the people around and perhaps influencing their investigates. I wondered if this was the space jockey observing the people in the distant future using its telescope. Perhaps it could open up a wormhole from wherever it was in the past to wherever the people were in the future, and it would be sorting out the situation over a vast number of years trying to get everything right to make its own civilisation survive, and it would realise that it only had a certain number of years and eventually it would hand the humans its own corpse..

e) The island as a planetoid
The main characters make their way to an island by ferry and it becomes a trip from a space station by space ferry to a nearby planetoid. Perhaps thinking back to Alien 3, this space jockey had begun the process by sending an alien egg through time and space to where the alien queen had been before it was killed at the end of aliens, and by unknown means infected Ripley but she decided to go to end her life. Perhaps because of the scene in the American Ring movie with the horse running around the ferry, it would be replaced by an alien that had erupted from a horse, after the space jockey had planted a facehugger in an egg aboard the ferry going from a space station to a planet. This is a thought process being followed here.

f) Derelict environment
They would find the corpse of the space jockey and try to find a way to deal with the strange destructive transmission, perhaps the space jockey has been found at the bottom of a well like shaft , there for its own purposes. They find the derelict spaceship that is somehow fused with the grown, they discover a shaft going down that seems to be like the well where Sadako's remains were found. They might find the cave as well where Sadako was given birth to as part of the complex and what Sadako has to do with the story will be forgotten but may well be half thought about as if these were simply film homages. The transmission would show various parts of this complex.

g) Spiral influence
And where that goes is in Spiral by Koji Suzuki, the sequel of the original book Ring, the mysterious transmission created by Sadako using the gift of Nensha, while she was fused with the last remnants of the smallpox virus in the whole of the world that she had been infected with, makes a leap of evolution to create a transmission that carries both their DNA which replicates itself on the receiving side of the transmission in the victim and a woman would likely to give birth. So in Aliengu, the Space Jockey infected by the Alien sends off the mysterious transmission and this transmission would somehow infect the person who listened to it. Then an alien life form must start growing as its DNA mysteriously begins to form in the host. This would be the next terrible idea of the moment.

h) Faceless Sadako is the alien
In the Ring movie, we have the ghost of Sadako who erupts from the television screen with her face covered by her long hair. Perhaps this slightly might mirror the idea of the alien with the eyeless face.

i) Ghosts in VCR machine
Of course already videotapes in the year 2015 are a thing from the ancient past, but Ringu made them interesting again in their latter years. In 2015 Sigourney Weaver for the purpose of publicising the to be made Alien 5 had been talking about Neill Blomkamp wearing out his Alien video tapes when he was a youngster, in one instance she even briefly trying to talk about VHS videocassettes before she was corrected by the interviewer who said VCR. It isn't important other than just to think about the strangeness of what it means in this day and age to think about those videocassettes and what they meant in our lives. In 2012 a successful movie called V/H/S was released about a collection of old VHS cassettes  filled with horrific contents and it's sequel V/H/S Viral was released in 2014. (See: - February 2015 - Neill Blomkamp and Alien 5

j) Loop possibility
If we went further and thought about Koji Suzuki's third novel in the series Loop, it would be a problem, it was never turned into a movie and perhaps the third movie in the Ring series doesn't really inspire ideas in this urge for an Alien meets Ringu story, or simply the biomechanic material has started growing everywhere transforming the environment and eating up the people to create spores.

Friday, 20 February 2015

District 9 and Elysium transforming into a post Alien:Resurrection Alien sequel.

Not really any assumption about what Alien 5 will be like but just ideas based on the two movies District 9 and Elysium (and the image of a Colonel Hicks lookalike amongst the concept art). I fully realise that trying to imagine the actual script could end up looking as if we're dealing with a script leak and Fox would tell me to take the story ideas down. So really this is just a piece of speculative fun. Well actually,  I'm sure that I'd be pretty much disinterested to hear about anyone's speculations as the next person.

a) Derelict ship in space loaded with alien spores is discovered and brought to a space station in the neighborhood of planet Earth

b) Under privileged communities on Earth are infected by the Company. Alien biomechanoids swarming shanty towns of South Africa and favelas of Brazil

c) Humans having black fluid poured into the water supply from mysterious black urns found on the derelict . 

d) Nigerians want to eat alien body parts as muti. They hear about Ripley 8 being part alien and they want to eat her too. It might help them to defeat the alien swarms. 

e) A group of aliens evolve beyond the state of being a hive of insect like savages and become intelligent creatures who want to go home and don't know what to do about their brethren being allowed to get out of control so easily killing everything in a rampant rage to reproduce. They want to do something to stop the other aliens, and have information about technology passed down through their DNA that they can access when they become sentient adults. (this is loosely following the idea of Dan O'Bannon's concept for an alien life cycle)

f) The intelligent aliens develop biological armed mecha suits that when they get inside them, their biology merges with the suit.

g) Humans confused and worried about their lives because of the swarms of dangerous aliens killing everytgubg, are search for Ripley 8. They know about how she is part alien and think that she is their only hope, she might have an answer for dealing with these things. One is a tough young man with an exoskeleton walking frame tries to get Ripley to help the planet earth. They find her living in a cardboard box on a rubbish dump.  But does she want to help?

h) Ripley 8 begins the slow metamorphoses into an alien. However she wants to help the aliens who have evolved into intelligent civilised life forms get off the planet and go home. Will any of her humanity remain?

i) Can Ripley 8 with her connection to the alien consciousness be used to operate Alien technology that humans ordinarily can't

j) Nasty mercenaries with thick South African accents wielding futuristic guns are flying dropships. They want to kill the civilised aliens. One of them is revealed to look like an older version of Colonel Hicks but even more scarred than he was when he had been scarred with alien acid blood in Aliens.

k) Humans infected with the chestburster have to get to the space station to have the chestbursters removed using their medical pods.

l) Aliens infect a nice Syd Mead designed space station full of the rich people, orbiting the planet. Civilised aliens believe that they will be able to get into the derelict ship, re-activate it and get home.

Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Exploration of Egyptian mummification lion couch with mummy turned into a monster

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Egyptian mummification ritual image
from The Egyptian Book of the Dead
from the Papyrus of Ani,
Initial sketch
Digital explorations
Further digital exploration of Egyptian mummification
lion couch with mummy turned into a monster. A lion 

skull type face has been incorporated into the image

Slow progress of the transformation the Alien derelict ship into an Egyptian tomb frieze representation

leading from   
Exploring creatures and structures from the Alien film series
in relation to Ancient Egyptian symbolism as a tomb mural

Slow progress of the transformation the Alien derelict ship into an representation that ought to be found on an Egyptian tomb
a) Slow progress of the transformation the Alien derelict ship into an representation that ought to be found on an Egyptian tomb , as a part of a much larger image. The hammer tip has been transformed into the head of a Typhonian beast found on a certain Was-Sceptre, said to represent one of the beasts of the god Set. Also to be noted is that the Typhonian beast has a tale like a for so maybe the other engine tip with its two protrusions at the end might partially the fork tip but there might also be the imagery of a Horus like hawk facing away from the tip. Another Space Jockey like entity has been added, and perhaps its representation will change. Meanwhile the first Space Jockey like entity has had its body extended.

b) Working out a way to go further with this whole picture does seem to be a very confusing to the point that attempting to have a clue as to what to do next is almost not very useful. Solutions from the aether come slowly, waiting around for them to come might not be advisable.

c) See Influence of was-sceptre on the design of the tip of the derelict's engine at the Alienexplorations blog

Monday, 9 February 2015

Reveries of Alien after
"As Above, Below" and "Pyramid"

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a) I start thinking about movies such as "As Above, Below" and "Pyramid" which are these found footage type movies although the latter began to drift away from the concept slightly, I am probably thinking about it in terms of Prometheus. What it we were dealing with an underground maze that might be rather regular as Paris underground passages and Egyptian tombs might go, but eventually some strange relief turns out to be a functioning control panel that might as well be a stone version of the sort of controls that you would find as something as basic as in let's say the Millenium Falcon from Star Wars.

b) The movie "Pyramid" featured an Anubis that had become a monstrous thing combined with the idea of an Ammit from the Egyptian Book of the Dead that would devour the souls of those whose hearts weighed heavily with guilt. One thing to know about the painting that the original Alien was based on, the design was a combination of various thing, much of which came from symbolism from the Egyptian book of the dead and anything else that turned up on a tomb wall, part of this was the Egyptian mummification ritual image featuring Anubis mummifying a human whose body lies upon a mummification Lion couch. So I suggest that in light of that, a few years ago I came to have the idea that Anubis had become the alien out to capture and mummify his victims for their voyage on the barge of a million years. Those spores at the bottom of the derelict ship were in some way the transformed people of another civilisation that were on a journey through eternity.

Anubis and Ammit from the Weighing of the Hearts scene in 
the Papyrus of Ani version of The Egyptian Book of the Dead
c) Faded memories of having read the Alien: Engineers script by Jon Spaihts left the scene probably the scene featuring the holograms of the engineers transformed into mutated memories of reading about orrery scene as something very vague like brief dream like ghost composed of spinning glowing globes leading people on as a willow-the-wisp of sorts.

d) I began to work on a doodle of an alien, with the face extending from the front of the face and so on and it wanted to become perhaps like a jet fighter or a rocket ship that travelled through space. And this thing would shed off it's mask and propulsion unity as an organic suit. I wondered how this thing would fly through space. I thought vaguely about the Mi-Go of H.P. Lovecraft's Cthulhu mythos and how with wings they flew through the "aether" of space. I also had an idea for a creature that would like a warped spacesuit with an elongated space helmet bubble and the elongated jaws and teeth filling up the bubble which stretches with the jaws as they open. Perhaps the space helmet becomes the outer skin.

Sunday, 8 February 2015

Alien Scenario Thoughts

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a) This is a continuation regarding thinking about  an Alien type scenario as a long winded exercise. It usually comes through watching another movie and thinking that this could be turned into an Alien movie. I'm not much interest in creating fan fiction but indeed looking at the possibility of having ideas, how ideas form in the mind, and this in a strange obsessional way comes back to Alien.

b) After a long journey of thoughts, my creativity decided to go with the idea of having the main character take a flight in a ship and go to sleep and wake up later only to discover that the ship that he has been sleeping in has suddenly transformed into something else. The realisation comes that we're taking this story back to the idea of a concept that I had some years ago, a bunch of spaceships that have been melted together. There was the idea of Chris Foss spaceships melting into one psychedelic blob, and components from one ship turning up within the mechanisms of another ship from a completely different civilisation and when you finally think in the most alien of ships, an Earth ship's serial number turns up. This place becomes an aggravating part of the subconscious mixing room.

c) Unfortunately this also included the idea of the Predalien being brought back into the story as the main alien, complete with chainsaw tail which I have thought about for some years since my dislike of the film Alien Vs Predator. I wondered how this would be included and if this would somehow involve components of the scenario Texas Chainsaw Massacre. I thought about perhaps there was a forest underneath a dome in the depths of space and this creature running around blending in with the surroundings in the manner of a chameleon. Perhaps the need to put Aliens and Predators in another movie and have them merged together is always a failure.