Saturday, 29 August 2015

Reveries while watching V/H/S/2

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a) Cockroach videocassette sleeves
I watched V/H/S/2 on TV and found it partially interesting while I could stay away watching it late in the evening.   In the opening scene, some people enter a house where there are various video casettes around, and I began to think of the transparent cassette sleeves lying around as shed skin, and then I began to imagine that these people have entered an alien environment where there are creatures about a foot in length that are like oversized transparent cockroaches or beetle crawling around, and their innards resembled VHS video cassettes, the man slides one of the cassettes out of the creature leaving the skin with its legs inactive, and the inside of spools which are a couple of inches wide are sharp teeth that would close in on someone's fingers very easily and bite them off or begin to suck blood out of the personThese things would replace the facehugger, and would suck its victims into an alternate reality by the looks of it, perhaps loosely they were inspired by things from Cronenberg's films eXistenZ and Videodrome.

b) Uterine environment
The first story seen on a video casette in the film was about a man who had a prosthetic eye implanted and he could see the dead with this and a woman comes by who can hear the dead and most of this story takes place in the man's house. As the story becomes more disjointed, and so did the photography to the point where it seemed as if the viewer was trapped in tiny rooms with tiny doorways and it was impossible to work out what exactly was up or down. The woman gets dragged into a swimming pool to drown and at points it seemed as if the pool was upside down and perhaps one might have wanted to think about the star gate in the movie Stargate that was a pool of water on its side. While I was watching it, I began to think about a man wakes up in a strange environment where there appears to be no up or down, as if it were a zero gravity space station interior of non human design. A woman that is with him, he finds lying on a leather sofa on the ceiling and she begins to get sucked into the space between the back of the sofa and the cushions, as if it were a birth passage between thick fleshy lips. He himself is passes from one chamber to another trying to find her. The entrances from chamber to another seem impossibly small and he can see the woman behind through them and hesitates as he realises that he can get through them.Activating the cassette created holographic images in the form of demons that come to life and grab the person who has activated and thrust something down his throat.

c) The rest of the movie
The rest of the movie didn't grab my attention particularly to the point where I fell asleep during the story about the suicidal cult.

Monday, 24 August 2015

Reveries inspired by Blomkamp's Alien 5 project
but nothing to do with it

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Blomkamp's photo

a) Pustules filled with Aliens
Ever since Neill Blomkamp posted the photo of a room with a television screen, a model of the power loader and various photos from Alien and images of pieces of artwork by Giger on the wall, I thought about biomechanoids swarming in clusters so that one sees all connected together in a single environment and one can not where one alien begins and another finishes and thought how perhaps this could be accomplished with special effects, and then, I imagines one of Giger's landscapes of flesh and pustules and how one of the pustules ripped open and there inside were the alien creatures compressed together, and the Colonial Marines armed with guns and perhaps exoskeleton suits are looking in to the masses of aliens that perhaps lie there dormant ready to slowly wake up as in James Cameron's Aliens movie. Perhaps I am thinking about the original cocoon concept about how if a piece of the growth was broken off, lots of maggots would pour out of the segment.

A Giger flesh landscape
b) Further exoskeleton thoughts
Perhaps the exoskeleton suits would be something like the ones from Halo since Blomkamp had been working on a movie adaption of that and it looked as if there was one made in Korea in a recent piece of artwork he put on the internet or indeed perhaps just a cluster of yellow Power Loaders all tangled together so that one can not see where one begins and the other end. The non functionality of it all would interest me even more.

A Giger biomechanoid landscape with biomechanoids fused together
c) Previous thoughts
Previously when I had reveries connected with Bloomkamp making the film, he told his story about Alien being played on the video feed at his childhood family's holiday apartment and I started to imagine that the new Alien 5 must be connected with the videotape horror movies (See Ghosts In The VCR at dreaming about Alien meets Ringu = Aliengu) and also when the news that he would be making Alien 5 was announced, I drew a picture of an alien pretending to be the robot hero from the movie Chappie. (see Alien 5: "Big Chappie")

Saturday, 22 August 2015

Further Alien thoughts,
set off by watching the Sinister II trailer
but not related to it

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a) After watching the trailer for Sinister II, I began to think about my Alien plot that went via thoughts to do with Ringulien/Aliengu plot since the original Sinister movie had been loosely inspired by Ring.

b) A mysterious transmission and the government are tracking down the signals to see where it comes from, with the intention of retrieving something of interest for them. However it .

c) However it appears to be about cults setting themselves up and creating temples dedicated to a warped biomechanised version of the Henu Barque which is the Ancient Egyptian artifact that inspired the Space Jockey in its seat. (So already Giger has biomechanised the Henu Barque before and created something original out of it, and I'm only using it as an artifact of mystery because of what Giger had used it for.) Perhaps the new versions of the things might be made from wire and paper maché since I watched a video where someone made a brilliant dragon from paper maché. It might be a thought following the way that in Call of the Cthulhu there were all of these various cults being discovered with their alters with Cthulhu idols

d) People are travelling around the place trying to track down the Henu Barques as they suddenly manifest and with each one there's some sort of a strange gift to be found in a time capsule. Perhaps this one turns up in a human settlement filled with Rio De Janeiro styled Favelas, and a death cult serves itself up, and at the core of a cluster of favela buildings a derelict ship interior has begun to form as if it were fusing into the environment. Perhaps a well leads down from a house into a shaft into the pilot chamber and both look as if they were built by the same hand, they can't work out how the house interior has changed, and behind another wall is a space that opens up into a giant cavern where spores are kept, and it would not normally fit into the area. No one can work this out, but they assume that there must have been a cave system that no one knew about.

See: Alien Explorations: 

e) What in essence is the nature of the alien?
 Personally, after finding that Gustave Meyrink's Golem novel and its illustrations had inspired Giger with his biomechanoid, I started to think that perhaps alien this time comes in the form of a golem of a kind created by an ancient other dimensional being, and perhaps they can reproduce, and if the original golem can be destroyed, then the rest, all the following generations will to be destroyed. What are these golems made from? Clay, wood, stone? Might it just as well be made from paper maché and wire. It might be as terrible as that. What would be the next generation alien, who would care. Before I had the idea that maybe the aliens were created by extra-terrestrial alchemists as a medieval alchemist might have created a homoncule using magic, and the latter might have been a lot more interesting for me, the idea of something magic creating flesh.

f) Thoughts about the conception of the idea
I still haven't really found a reason for having aliens in a film, I don't have any inner chest bursters to consider, nor has anyone handed me a copy of something that is supposed to be a study of the actual Necronomicon for me to summon up any inner demons as Alejandro Jodorowsky handed to Dan O'Bannon back in Paris. I don't seem to much material to feed that way of thinking. O'Bannon and Shusett's teamup together created wonderful ideas. But it's terrible to think that poor Dan O'Bannon became a victim of the thing that inspired a crucial scene in Alien that got it noticed and many people do die from it, it has nothing to do with demons coming for their payback but one might romanticize about it in that way. I'm still looking for something idea behind the alien other than the need to stick an alien suit in a movie. Anything approaching a monster ruins the whole idea. Perhaps it's an hallucination of sorts within the architecture.

g) How would the victims become infected since facehuggers and black fluid are old hat?
I keep thinking thought about how the alien might have been something locked away in the Human DNA for millions of years waiting for humans to find something to trigger it off and activate it, as if the human race has been tampered with by an alien intelligence many millions of years ago, and so we are getting into Quatermass And The Pit Territory, but the changes are physical rather than creating strange superhuman powers.

The ancient buried space capsule from the movie version of
"Quatermass And The Pit" movie that acts as a catalyst
for humans with ancient DNA tampered with by martians

h) Space 1999 related thoughts
In the very odd "Force of Life" or "Force of Evil" episode of Space 1999, shown in 1975 where someone was invaded by a mysterious force and then began to drain energy of people and the moonbased complex, and when they shoot him with their lasers, he is burnt all over to a crisp and his eyes begin to glow, however perhaps due to the bad makeup it looks as if he has begun to mutate into some hideous dark creature looking sloughing off his human skin and transforming into something as ridiculous looking as Doctor Doom from the 2015 Fantastic Four movie. Then he enters one of the power reactors in the complex and the building explodes. I assumed as a child that he was tearing his skin off because he has transformed into something else that was black skinned. This episode gave me a great deal of confusion and perhaps led to nightmares. Probably the bigger shock would be that the man who was taken over by the mysterious force was played by Ian McShane better known for his role in Lovejoy decades later

i)  Oddity of the Company of Wolves transformations
Another thing that often grabs me is the transformation sequence from some werewolf films such as Company of Wolves, probably because it looks almost ridiculous, a man's face stretching open to allow a dog or wolf face to come through, and a man rips his face off to allow a clock work dog/ wolf face to begin to extend and this results in something like a skinned barbecued dog snarling away.

Company of Wolves werewolf transformation 1
Spanish poster for Company of Wolves showing the barbecued skin dog puppet

Company of Wolves werewolf second transformation
Company of Wolves werewolf second transformation

j) Recalling the American Werewolf in London transformation
American Werewolf In London had a very interesting transformation scene showing everything happening before the screen in full light with all the limbs deforming, but the actual fur covered creature that it turned into seemed to be of secondary interest

Hand deforming

American Werewolf In London undergoing transformation
Face stretching out

k) Thoughts about another alien creature
However in the last decade, perhaps in line with the Transformers robots idea or perhaps more the fact that there are Giger paintings where there are numerous unidentifiable life forms fused together, I thought about parts of a large creature coming out of various humans and then coming together to form one life form. Then I thought about perhaps something as large as a horse being invaded by all these creatures and having his limbs etcetera being eaten and replaced. There is a parasite that devours its host's tongue and then take over the role of a tongue. Perhaps there were various grinning entities poking their heads out of its carcasses, as if they were small living carved idols grinning away as bizarre as the head of a Pazuzu sculpture.

Fish Tongue Parasite

l) Obviously all the people involved with the Henu Barque must be involved in a ritual of self mutation into something unknown. They are quickly destroyed along with everything in the temple. Questions about where this thing was likely to turn up, would they find unexplainable anomalies and find that the Henu Barque was at the centre of it all. Where else will another Henu Barque turn up, just as at the end of Hellraiser, a Lament configuration turns up out of the blue.

m) When watching the Sinister II trailer, I perhaps was interested in the fact that there was this strange ancient demon interfering with the modern day lives of people and they were doing a serious examination of where this entity came from the history of mankind and then looked for places that the demon might take an interest in later in search for victims . But the story might indeed as the reviews show, not be very good.

Thursday, 13 August 2015

Mayan Rocketeer painting

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First stage of Mayan Rocketeer painting. (Done on Photoshop)

Loosely inspired by the Pakal Votan tomb lid, and what they did with the concept in a tablet in the movie Prometheus, and this led further thoughts about what else might be done with it, taking inspiration from the likes of Moebius, Giger, and so on.

I was also inspired to think about how when people are swallowed up by giant serpents in Ayahuasca visions, the serpent serves as a vehicle taking the person elsewhere, so this thing has teeth at the front.

detail with slight simplifications

Monday, 3 August 2015

Updates 2015- 2017

17th February 2017
Updated Alien: Spectre again slightly, but it's more like adding a note, there ought to be a scene where it's like Bond being caught in the abandoned building that's going to blow up, and Blowfeld has had the place decorated as a sort of place of revelation about how he influenced all the events in Bond's life. I thought about how it could be like an alien hive, but the hero should find information everywhere that's all so personal but false, everything is alive although it might resemble artificial constructs that might all contain special information. After all, nearly everything designed for a film set is newly created for film set. Obviously I'm looking for more ideas to transform the James Bond: Spectre movie story.

13th January 2017
Have been updating Alien: Spectre having had more ideas after watching the DVD, expanding on the idea of getting towards a resemblance of a suggestion of a story.

4th November 2016
Alien heads skewered on a stake

31st October 2016
a) Alien Revenant sketches 
b) Notes for an Alien: Revenant Part 2 

27th September 2016
a) More aliens
b) Another Predalien

17th August 2016
a) Updated Alien after Frank

18th April 2016 

1st March 2016
a) Added Alien: Revenant  

25th January 2016
a) Added: Mysterious rocketeer and flying giant typhonic beast

29th December 2015
a) Added Another one of these alien drawings

11th December 2015 
a) Added Alien / Prometheus reveries after James Bond movie "Spectre"
17th November 2015 

15th November 2015

6th October 2015
a)  Updated Further Thoughts for Alien V/H/S or Umhlanga Alien with thoughts about aliens inspired by videonasties

24th September 2015
a) Re-edited and updated Further Thoughts for Alien V/H/S or Umhlanga Alien

21st September 2015
a) Added Further Thoughts for Alien V/H/S or Umhlanga Alien

29th August 2015
a) Made slight alterations to Promethearzac story part ii because of an idea about the passenger ship being ripped in two.
b) Added Reveries while watching V/H/S/2 

22nd August 2015
a) added Further Alien thoughts, set off by watching the Sinister II trailer but not related to it

13th August 2015
a) added mayan rocketeer painting image

3rd August 2015
a) I broke down the selection about ideas about the derelict into four pages: i) The derelict as a temple environment in space, ii) The Slaughterhouse derelict idea , iii) Time Tomb Concept and Effects from seeing Prometheus because it seemed all very meaningless to after five seconds of looking at it
b) I broke down the page "Reveries of Zero Dark Alien to Enders Game" into three pages: i) Ender's Alien, ii) Gravity - Gravitalien - Alien iii) After "Zero Dark Thirty"

25th July 2015
a) I created an index for the The Film Scenario Explorations and also the Concept exploration Doodles.

24th July 2015
a) After watching Ant-Man, I added Concerns over Alien 5 after Ant-Man 

5th July 2015
a) After watching The Grey on TV and having some thoughts, I added After The Grey 

27th June 2015
a) A note about ideas from reading reviews of "After Frank"
b) Added summaries for ideas about PROmethearZAC story part 1
c) Added summaries for ideas about PROmethearZAC story part II
d) Added Wishing to assemble an alien story
e) Added After "In search of lost giants "
f) Added After "Lincoln" (Lincolnalien or even Aliencoln.) 

19th June 2015
Reveries about a bike fused with raptor dinosaurs after Jurassic World

17th June 2015
Fisher Price Cot Activity Centre Space Jockey Platform

29th May 2015
a) Added Another one of these Predalien thingies

3rd March 2015
a) added Predalien sketch
b) added Exploration of an alien with a face behind a face behind a facec) added Alien 5: "Big Chappie"

28th February 2015 
a) Dreaming about Alien meets Ringu = Aliengu

20th February 2015
a) District 9 and Elysium transforming into a post Alien:Resurrection Alien sequel.

18th February 2015 
a) Exploration of Egyptian mummification lion couch with mummy turned into a monster
b) Slow progress of the transformation the Alien derelict ship into an Egyptian tomb frieze representation

9th February 2015 
a) Reveries of Alien after "As Above, Below" and "Pyramid"

8th February 2015
a) Alien Scenario Thoughts

19th January 2015
a) Exploring creatures and structures from the Alien film series in relation to Ancient Egyptian symbolism as a tomb mural

2nd January 2015
a) Added illustration Prometherzac iii that explored how the Space Jockey is related to the concept of Arzac