Thursday, 8 October 2015

Rough Mayan Rocketeer sketches

Leading from 

a) My idea for a Mayan Rocketeer keeps changing every time I attempt to draw one, loosely inspired by Pakal Votan Tomb lid, inspired by the idea of the Mayan Space Jockey tablet featured briefly in the movie Prometheus.

b)  I admit that when I draw these things, I am not always sure what the point of it all is other than continue to explore different possibilities all the time and I often don't see the point in finishing them and I am quick to assume that there is another way to do it and what I have done is all wrong, but I like the idea of a narrative being formed however loose it might be.

Archeologist examine tomb and suddenly it comes
to life with the occupant transforming it
at the touch of a button into a space rocket.
Perhaps the idea of a coffin bank is relevant for the above sketch

Mayan rocketer launching from Mayan tomb while an archeologist runs for his life.
Mayan Rocketeer
Mayan Rocketeer

Mayan Rocketeer
Mayan Rocketeer

Mayan Rocketeer

Mayan Rocketeer

Mayan Rocketeer

Mayan Rocketeer

Star bus full of tourists off to visit a planet, catch sight of the rocketeer

Mayan Rocketeer

Mayan Rocketeer travelling into a vortex being held open by angels, observed by a tourist on a star bus

Mayan rocketeer disappears into the vortex

detail of rocket from above

Mayan Rocketeer travelling through strange tunnel

Mayan Rocketeer travelling through strange tunnel
Mayan Rocketeer travelling through strange tunnel
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PROmethearZAC story part III

leading from

a) Aerial battle
I keep thinking of a serpent rocket,  that twists around like a coiling twisting dragon that breathes laser fire, and half way along its body is the place where the pilot is inside, some strange hideous thing seemingly stretched and merged into the interior mechanisms of the body of the ship, holding the chopper motorbike handles the pilot the vessel. Perhaps it is not easy to actually see where the entity begins and the machinery around it ends. In this case, he must be the villain chasing the Mayan rocketeer that seems to also be a sort of dragon, through a vast complex beyond the vast toothy entrance that chews everything up. As they twist and turn through the air in an aerial battle, the villain is trying to do his best to wrap his snake ship around the Mayan rocketeer's vessel and crush, but the Mayan rocketeer is always clever enough to slip through.

I very much like this giant black serpent featured in Gustave Moreau's Phaeton
The black serpent reversed and turned on its side

Detail from Biomechanic Landscape III
that I like to use as pilot for the snake rocket,
with its translucent head in the left top corner
and air hose connected to a machine.
So he will be sitting inside's the serpent's belly.

b) Idea behind a serpent rocket
The idea of a coiling serpent rocket came to me when i read a book about film director Jan Kounen's shamanistic experiences with Ayahuasca and one could be swallowed up by a giant snake but that snake would serve as a vehicle to take the person somewhere else and so I wanted to biomechanise it. I see the Mayan Rocketeer on the Pakal Votan tomb lid as a depiction of a shamanistic experience. I will provide a visual for the serpent rocket later with a pilot based on a detail from Giger's Biomechanic Landscape III as seen below.

c) Biomechanoid landscape
There is the other place, the shattered remains of a world which has been ruined, taken over by the biological weaponry and there, a civilisation can be found scattered in a state of living death buried within the landscape transformed by the biomechanised organism. Perhaps we might be thinking about the Vipers Nest scene from Alien Resurrection and how it was inspired by part of Giger's Passage Temple Entrance. And in this landscape, the aliens are as it were swimming through it , as one with its physical material.  There are the abandoned and crumbling buildings slowly being eaten away. The Mayan rocketeer travels across the surface, seeing impressions of faces and eyes staring back up at him, wondering if they were real or generated by the mind. He wants to find his fellows who have been sleeping for thousands of years but finds that the places where they are buried are heavily guarded or encrusted by the strange creatures ruled by something intelligent that must surely with an iron like grip be holding them as hostages. (By the time of writing this, Ridley Scott has mentioned that the home of the Engineers to be encountered in the Prometheus sequel, Alien: Paradise Lost is a planet where a disaster has taken place)

Giger's Passage Temple Entrance presenting elements of a biomechanic landscape
Giger's  biomechanical landscape III (train station)
would be another environment for the rocketeer to fly over
Giger's Biomechanical Landscape X another environment for the
rocketeer to fly over that I think looks like a further exploration
of the Giger's  biomechanical landscape III (train station) would
 be another environment for the rocketeer to fly over as if we were
 looking at the trains lined up from the front