Wednesday, 30 March 2016

Lincolnalien part 3, further ruminations

a) Back to watching Lincoln's Alien

However 30th March 2016, I find myself watching Lincoln the Spielberg movie on TV and start thinking about how Dan O'Bannon's idea about the alien life cycle merged with Ridley Scott's idea about the alien life cycle, gives the impression of an ancient civilisation (See:Alien Explorations: Alien: Chestburster to young Adult) who have been turned into slave civilisation by the Space Jockey race who have decided to make use of the child state of the alien that goes into a dangerous state of blood lust before they develop into  a member of a civilised mild intelligent species, capable of art and architecture, which lives a full, scholarly life of 200 years. However the space jockey's genetic alterations stop the creature from turning into an adult.

b) Discovering the source of the alien

The space craft named after Lincoln which has an android aboard that was his simulacrum, discover the origins of the alien species, a birth temple upon a distant planetoid and they find out all the information about their origins as a race. They also discover that the alien biological weapon that was being explored came from this planetoid out there in the distance. Whatever it was now, to make it  someone had plundered the sacred remains of a once proud civilisation and re-engineered for their own gain and for the purpose of war,  Now it was in human hands, and there were  those who fear that they will get out of hand  and take over planets and ships like a plague. 

c) Abolishing the use of the alien as a bioweapon

What happens is that the Abraham Lincoln simulacrum attempts to abolish their use and development as a bioweapon by the human race.  There is a thought that he might have lost someone he considered like a son to the spread of the infection and it's mankinds fault for having tampered with these extraordinary alien creatures. Perhaps the Space Jockey had already engineered them as a species of war, but  just because they could be found within the derelict vessel by the human explores, it doesn't make it right to continue to use them as a war weapon.  

He regularly visits the derelict ship's pilot chamber looking for clues. He watches the mechanism of the transmitter going back and forth on its track as it had been for thousands of years creating its strange message and sending it across the galaxy.

Although the Lincoln simulacrum didn't have an answer to how they should go ahead as a species, he thought that they should be allowed to continue to sleep through the approaching aeons until an answer comes to the surface rather than misuse the species that should be an intelligent civilisation in itself. 

Tuesday, 1 March 2016

Alien : Revenant

a) Pile of skulls
Watching the Revenant trailers, I began to pick up on the Alien trail in a very fragmented way but the pile of the cow skulls would have to be transformed into a pile of buffalo skulls at least in someone's drawing. Someone has been slaughtering them en masse and Leonardo De Caprio would have to be someone lost on this planet somewhere. Perhaps the impression is merged with piles of skulls from various holocausts such as the Jewish holocaust at the hands of the Nazis (Are we supposed to add the alien creature from Predator into the story to make this an Alien vs Predator vision. )

b) Fragmented associations being made with the imagery of Necronom V

While finding himself in a scenario with a group of other people trying to get away from native American attackers,  Leonardo Di Caprio pretending to be someone named Hugh Glass goes through the whole confusing dream of being attacked by a bear, being carried around on a sledge and having his son slaughtered before his eyes and then is buried alive, crawling around on the ground, slowly getting back onto his feet, being helped by a local native who puts him in a tent before the native gets hanged by the local French men and then he saves an Indian princess from being sodomized by a French man and he gives her a knife to do what he will with the French man.  There is a time when he takes the guts out of a dead horse and hides within for the night but none of this turns out to be real.

After all the talk about the movie trailer seeming to show Leonardo being sodomized by a bear, the truth is slowly revealed that he was sodomised by a local native American Princess who is a skinwalker werebear carrying an electrojack whom he accidently slaughters when being violated, but her bear like corpse as if absorbing his body transforms into a cocoon that protects him as a cocoon like tent and its skeleton transforms into a sledge that carries him around and its structure grows into him merging with him, and soon it grows into a humanoid creature the size of a horse in which Leonardo hides in womb like cavity within its body.

 Giger's Necronom V
From his protected body and through the beasts back grows an entity that's is an extension of him riding on the creatures back as a race horse jockey. Leonardo remains traumatised by the fear of having been sodomised by a bear but when he learns the beast is somehow female human, he feels much happier about the whole thing and is happy to allow her to do what ever she wants to to him with all her wicked ways and perhaps this is all too roughly inspired by Necronom V.

The time when he thought that he took corpse of the Captain Henry and propped it up using a wooden frame on the horse is the moment where he's experiencing a part of him growing as a rider on this strange semi humanoid female beast and he can't come to terms with the thing being somehow part of him, he had to imagine it as someone else and slowly it dawns on himself that it must have been himself all along, and that he must have slaughtered his own son all along imagining someone named Fitzgerald having done it in his place when all the death and carnage is over.

At the end of the story when the creature's life cycle is over, Leonardo crawls out of a cavity within the creature's body and the thing slowly disintegrates and he becomes scalped by a local American native tribe and slaughtered but by then he has completely vacated this life and can let it all go.

This female beast becomes the alien monster for the story rather than a typical "xenomorph" just aimlessly killing people.

(Yes, the idea of a man being saved and carried around inside a female alien creature  almost seems like something from Strange Relations by Philip Jose Farmer with shades of David Lynch's Lost Highway)