Tuesday, 27 September 2016

More aliens

Fluidic alien

An alien with a roughly fluid form

Extendd humanoid

Multi limbed alien. The drawing starts out as something abstract sciencefictional and then just extends and extends and so the head is just an elongated head with more faces added on to extend it and other features too and well, it just turns into the typical sort of thing that I find myself drawing. It's a sort of a joke about not knowing where to stop when drawing a face that continues to extend further and further forwards

Alien carrying a man
Alien carrying a human into the lair. The human body's proportions didn't want to make any particular visual sense just to perhaps make it ruined a long time before it was finished or stopped rather because this isn't finished, perhaps it made more sense that way anyway . I am the last to have much of a clue about these things.

Man carrying alien head

Man carrying an alien head from A to B, and something goes wrong on the way. He could very easily be someone walking through Trumpton or Chigley with his alien head under his arm.

Another Predalien

a) More of these images continue to manifest. Another Predalien or whatever drawing, this one seeming to break through a window that appears to break off into small pieces when smashed through. It would have to be some sort of fake glass.

b) Perhaps a photographer is in the way. Perhaps I've decided that the monster is nothing more than an oversized statue placed on a wheelie platform and someone had to push it through the window make it look as if it is doing something in the world of the drawing and it is dangerous because of the size, weight and presence of sharp parts. 

c) The other possibility is that it's someone crashing through a window with a canister vacuum cleaner above his head and no one could believe it was something so simple as that and had to believe it was a monster of some sort.

d) Beneath it all, it might as well be a sort of a central vacant phantom eye shape looking through from beyond, taking on the form of a monster, and it might as well have a vortex around it that the tail has become one arm of. but we're going to keep it in the shape of some sort of an Alien monster. Part of this drawing appears to be the fight to draw something distinguishable from all the other ink markings around it.

e) It might have been fun to have the thing busting a window at the local cafe, as if it's about trying to project a mythology into the local area, in the manner of Stanley Spencer.