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PROmethearZAC story part II

a) I thought about the sequel for Prometheus being said to be called Paradise. I started looking at the the famous drawing by Gustave Doré for Paradise Lost and there was some entrance into Heaven with the angels forming a vortex. In my mind I wanted to imagine this as something to be labeled as a star gate. I wanted to have the rocket ship as perceived in the Pakal Votan tomb lid flying into the star gate. I began to draw pictures of angels pulling open the mouth of a vortex and inside the vortex can be seen a giant eye staring out.

b) A modern space ship full of people chases the Mayan Space Jockey's rocket, is stops nearby maneuvering itself around to allow the passengers to take photos of the rocket, but towards the end of August 2015 I had decided that the rocket slams into the side of the ship and rips a hole in it tearing through. Hundreds of people with cameras are suddenly sucked into space to meet their deaths and the front of the ship becomes severed from the back of the ship

c) The Space Jockey rocket goes through the vortex and before the idea was that the spaceship pursuing tries to come through it, but by the end of August 2015, I thought instead about the two pieces of the pursuing spaceship tumbling towards it spewing out dying passengers, but either way the giant teeth of giant jaws in the vortex come down begin to tear the thing to pieces.

d) The vortex probably however seems to turn out to be nothing more than another version of V'Ger from Star Trek: The Motion Picture with its gigantic camera shutter like doorways inside.

e) My design for the Mayan space jockey's rocket would seem to change in basically every single sketch that I did of it. I wanted to imagine something designed by Giger and Moebius. It began to symbolise my urge to escape from wanting to draw like Giger every day of my life and attempt to invite inspiration from Moebius' work even if what I was creating out of this inspiration would seem to make it look as if I were creating poor imitations of everything.

f) See also Mayan Rocketeer sketches  

PROmethearZAC story part 1

Leading from

a) An 'Engineer' is revived
I started to think about the idea for a story featuring Prometheus meets Moebius' Arzach about one of the engineers, and the two words came together to become the name PROZAC which is the name of a drug for people suffering from depression. I had the realisation that space jockey in its seat which was influenced by the Sokar Funerary Barque, and the placement of the telescope was influenced by the head of the bird from the story Arzach. What would this story be about? I had the idea that there would be one of the engineers who has been in suspended animation in a sarcophagus (resembling the main figure from Giger's painting Samurai) somewhere, he comes out of it and then finds his old space jockey chair somewhere but this one looks more as if it were merged with a pterodactyl. He goes wandering across the landscape for a way to get off the planet. He reaches a tomb being searched by an archeologist wearing a pith helmet. The tomb lid has a relief of a rocket ship on its surface as in the Pakal Votan tomb lid. Inside the tomb itself is a flight suit as seen on the Juggernaut.  As the archeologists examines the tomb, suddenly the engineer walks in, he touches a part of the exterior relief on the tomb lid and a hologram comes to life that is a control panel. The tomb lid slides open and out comes a the flight suit as an animated entity in its own right perhaps like the later iron man suits in the Iron Man 3 movie. Then from the rocket ship relief an actual rocket ship forms, the engineer gets into the flight suit and then slips into the ship. A shaft opens up in the wall at the opposite end of the chamber and a blast panel opens up behind the engines of the ship, a ramp rises up, much as with the launching of Thunderbird 2 from Thunderbirds, the rocket ships takes off filling the place with fire. Perhaps some of the explorers escape down the tunnel without being roasted. The engineer has no interest in their safety, they are nothing more than flies to be swatted.

b) Hieroglyph Thoughts
I thought that there would be various ancient hieroglyphs on the wall that might resemble the Sokar Funerary Barque procession with the engineers carrying the space jockey chair. The sarcophagus seen in Giger's painting Samurai might feature in the story on the wall as some dark age old villain in battles against the various gods and it all might be down to misinterpretation. The derelict ship is generally now a sea lion with sting ray gills and a head of a typhonian beast from Egyptian mythology, perhaps even bright blue like the huge Was-sceptre in the V&A museum , and perhaps it has also taken on the form of the boat of a million years and upon this travels a space jockey with a body similar to a Sommelier knife.

c) Samurai-esque Warlord
The next part of the story becomes vague because all I can see is the rocket going through the launch tunnel and through a gigantic underground city. There it would find people of his own kind still alive but in their hibernation sarcophagi. The next part of it suggested that this place was under the domination of an alien queen, and I thought, well this is already boring. However I started to look at the alien queen one more time to see if anything else could be done about it and then it came to a point that I realised that Giger's The Spell 3 had been inspired by things such as a Samurai Warlord's head dress and then I realised how this painting had inspired Jim Cameron's Alien Queen although I had partially suspected it before and also how the giant metal samurai lord from the movie Brazil had also inspired the Alien Queen. I wanted to create something that looked more like an alien merged with a samurai and this thing the Engineer would fight. However I found that I could not design such a creature in a way that it would have been interesting for longer than five seconds and so the story died.

d) See also: PROmethearZAC story part II

See also PROmethearZAC

After "Frank"

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a) In 2014, the movie Frank came out about a music group starring Michael Fassbender (known to us as David in Prometheus) as the paper-maché masked character Frank. I could not be bothered to see the movie but looking at the reviews and one thing that seemed odd about it was that all the band members were replacements. I started to think about my alien story characters as people who were all sudden replacements in place of the people who should have been sent.

b) August 17th, 2016,
In 2016, on August 16th, I watch the film on TV,  It’s actually difficult to reimagine in anyway as an Alien or Prometheus movie, other than a group of indecisive people with identity issues wondering about the mission that they’re on and having to kill aliens, but exactly what the aliens that they were killing were remains another question, naturally we’re dealing with inner aliens all the way through and people who would try to kill you for wrecking the mission, if you didn’t kill yourself, and perhaps these characters identity would begin to change half way through so one wasn't exactly sure who they were in the end or who they're going to be replacing or be replaced by.

c) The Nostromo Crew
Perhaps the lead character Frank played by Michael Fassbender cosplays as the alien or is it the space jockey, and if there should be a distinction here, no one would be that bothered because his mask would look not particularly like either creature from the film, and the rest of the gang are cosplayers as well but dress up as ship crew members or Colonial Marines. Perhaps we should make the assumption that Frank is Kane and then the act of birthing the alien becomes his transformation.  Jon played by Domhnall Gleeson finds that he has to play the android perhaps he can't decide whether it should be one like Ash, Bishop Call or David, should his be named Edmund or should be assume that because an android with a name beginning with E should be in Alien: Covenant, that he should be an android named Gerry or Garry, having said that, he might be so sure that Alien V will be made and so he goes for an H name such as Harry or Herbert shortened to Bert. Jon is taken aboard as a member of the crew of the spaceship named The Soronprfbs but we might as well call it the Nostromo instead and discovers that rather than it being a one night adventure, it's an extended long mission in space and he's not quite sure what he should be doing about it. The real crew of the spaceship turn up to take over the operation of the place (perhaps played by members of the original film or one of the following films or more Cosplayers), but they are sent away.

d) The planetoid
The journey to Texas in America must in this case be the journey to the planetoid, and Jon must be in this case, guilty of manipulating events trying to destroy the band for whatever reason. Clara played by Maggie Gylenhaal must be the Ripley character and all her threats against Jon if he ruins everything must all be valid things to do despite how it makes her seem to be psychotic.  Perhaps this would indicate that in the original Alien, Ash thought himself to be the only rational person, the human crew were all psychotic and irrational while the alien was understandably outside of its own environment so any confusion about its behaviour might be somewhat acceptable, and perhaps if only Ash hadn't been caught out when he tried to brutalise and rape Ripley with a rolled up newspaper, the plan would have ended in a way better for all.

e) The life cycle
The alien's life cycle in this movie perhaps doesn't exist, there are no specific derelict ships or spacejockeys or eggsilos. Looking for signs of containers and things breaking open. One of the band members who's the manager commits suicide and then cremated, and his ashes are put into a plastic container and mixed or replaced with ground nut powder or they brought along the wrong container.  Perhaps the plastic container full of powder is one of the spores from Alien or an urn from Prometheus, and no one is really that bothered to have a clue. Perhaps the broken mask when Frank was hit, was also something to think about, or the chestbursting scene with the chestburster biting its way out or the chestburster casting of its skin. Then the hunt for the alien begins, resulting in not much once again. Once they discover him without his mask, they don't actually know who the person is.

Wishing to assemble an Alien story

Leading from

(Still Collating)

a) Intentions
I wanted to start assembling a story based on the universe of Alien but the idea of actually creating Alien fan fiction or a script in itself seemed to be the most idiotic thing in this day and age, and although I could create some interesting sketches, I was not a good enough as an illustrator to create a comic book or a set of credible storyboards. Meanwhile this thing almost wants to turn into an elongated novel that would have very little to do with the Alien Saga. As it goes I have little interest in Colonial marines battling with alien hives full of alien soldiers, drones and queens. I am perhaps more interested in the creativity that went into the first movie, the abstract result of the third movie and indeed the hallucinatory quality of some of the scenes of the fourth movie. 

b) Starting point
A starting point for me was the idea of paleontologists/archeologists as with the characters from the original 1950s Quatermass And The Pit TV series which was later remade in the 1960s as a movie being brought across the galaxy to take a look at an anomaly. It's presence was threatening another secret operation on the planet. Perhaps the remnants of another alien civilisation had been discovered and they wanted to keep it quiet. Perhaps the male archeologist was put there as a fake just to debunk the whole possibility that the anomaly was anything more than the fossil of a long extinct sea creature rather than the remnants of some strange technology. His assistant is a woman who seems to either be a robot or a cyborg because soon it is revealed that one of her arms is cybernetic with various sensory instruments useful for archeology and paleontology. Perhaps there is a question about whether this woman is human or machine after all the controversy about whether Bishop 2 was human or machine, and perhaps she is a replacement of someone that the male character knew.

I had the idea of naming the male character Rollerbeck , perhaps loosely derived from the name of a French writer Michel Houellebecq who wrote a book about H P Lovecraft, or maybe it has more to do with the Black + Decker company name or even Rickenbacker guitar which was also a surname of a character played by Jean-Claude Van Damme in Cyborg. 

c) A Cabal
I had the idea that a cabal of some sort working within the company had a holographic galactic map showing the placement of all their space ships. Something interesting was showing up on the holographic display and various people are brought out of cryogenic suspension who have been waiting for something interesting to come up and have been put into sleep state until it happened. I thought about the character Bishop 2 being one of these people and I thought about him being someone that they would send across the galaxy to retrieve the thing to be recovered, and then I thought that perhaps he could be replaced by someone else, someone who was hanging onto his job.
Originally this group of people found some sort of ancient extra-terrestrial relic from somewhere in space and found out that this thing performed calculations for when and where time capsules left behind by an ancient civilisation would suddenly turn up across the galaxy and it was up to these people to intercept them and if possible bring them back to Earth. It made it seem as if there was some sort of conspiracy going on.

Perhaps I am also thinking about Call of the Cthulhu in Space because I probably have the idea of a powerful alien being imprisoned in the depths of space and time somewhere and is using abstract means to ensure that he escapes, or revives some element of itself in another era. I also know about the character Hastur imprisoned somewhere in the depths of space. And so it is organising its escape while the people helping it to escape all think that they are going to profit from helping it. 

d) Retrieval
There is a signal coming from a certain point in space, one party go into chase it and then suddenly an alien presence infects the ship, someone suddenly sheds his skin to become a strange shadowy monstrous thing that destroys the rest of the people aboard, and this might all be a little too like an episode of Space 1999. Meanwhile the Bishop 2 character meanwhile goes chasing the signal in the same area and his crew are spared the misfortune of the others, as if something beyond wanted them to find the artifact, and the journey leads to a planetoid where they discover a graveyard full of giant skeletons in glass coffins, half buried in dust across the planetoid landscape and there a building in the centre of the landscape where they find their time capsule. A giant in a sarcophagus that the closer they stand to it, the more they become over powered by its presence and become unsure as to whether they are standing near or within the actual sarcophagus itself. The sarcophagus has been designed to be moved along a track, they push it along the track to the mouth of the cave and out to a platform where a spacecraft is there to pick the thing up. They bring the sarcophagus back to an Earth base, and all I could have as an idea after that is that they revive the entity inside, a space jockey with a sommelier knife shaped body, and they have the intention of milking it for technical secrets which is what they sort it had been sent to them for, and then the thing suddenly dies on them, they wonder what the point of that was, but in its dying moment releases something, perhaps another galactic map to infuriate people, or does that lead to the presence of an alien city on a distant planetoid somewhere. 

Probably in a movie someone might want to cut half of this part of it out or merge it together and perhaps something even more confusing might come out of it. The idea might be that they go to retrieve the sarcophagus, they revive it on the ship, its presence suddenly acts as a catalyst for people's DNA changing and they become dark monsters shedding their human skin killing everything around leading to Bishop 2 making an escape by an escape shuttle or he too dies. 

e) Time capsules
I had the idea that somehow there was an ancient civilisation in the depths of time that wanted to send its cargo through time and space in the form of a time capsule and that would be the derelict ship in Alien as well as other things. This civilisation would either have been on a mission to save its own species, or declare war on the human race, or just mess around with the lives of a few individuals who that story centres round destroying everything in their lives, and the only way to end the story would be that this ancient intelligence would suddenly move its interests on to something or someone else. (The concept would perhaps have been too much like the Terminator concept with Skynet sending robots back in time to kill off the person who started off the person who started off the resistance group who are dedicated to destroying it.)

f) Christian Fundamentalists
Christian Fundamentalists are always around to warn people of the dangers of using technology from recovered extra-terrestrial vehicles, telling people that it all comes from the devil and that anything to do with extra-terrestrials is temptation from the devil. And then there is the space jockey from the depths of time leaving time capsules with technology parcels for the people in that modern world to make use of and  feel as if they are getting something out of the mysterious communications from the entity from the past. So the Christian Fundamentalists in space will be proven right to everyone's annoyance but will surely be destroyed in the process of doing so. 

g) Looking for a new beast
What the point of the alien was though is a question I couldn't work out, other than to fulfill the fantasy of a monster wandering around the corridors killing people and I really didn't have those kinds of thoughts. I had seen where Giger's alien had come from, a fusion of ideas such as the "Eye of Horus", Ernst Fuchs "The Angel of Death", Dali's warped images such as Soft Construction with Boiled Beans ( Premonition of Civil War), and perhaps his sketch of Nefertiti. I suppose by now it must be something that at first seems unspecific but comes together to reveal itself as the ultimate horror. I always wanted to see an alien monster that was a combination of a dozen organisms all fused together to make one larger entity. Perhaps at least several people give birth to parts of the one larger creature. 

h) The ever changing face
However the alien beast was presented in the story as some apocalyptic horror with an ever transforming face and body, it's presence endangers an archeological dig which the Company wants to save for its own purposes, and the male hero is out to try his best to document all the changes  in the creature as if it were an important language being communicated answering questions to the soul.
The female assistant has to drag him away to an escape ship while the creature slaughters hundreds of soldiers sent in to kill it. But this final beast was for some reason the ever changing face of the devil and something to not hang around for too long, perhaps Rollerbeck's life was being sucked out by the whole association. Then perhaps in Alien Resurrection, there was the scientist Doctor Gediman forever wishing to document the last parts of the alien life cycle resulting in the alien queen giving birth to the newborn that comes along and kills Doctor Gediman. Nothing of any intended story is really that new but permutations of older things and quite unbearable in that way but still perhaps there is something still personal for the writer coming through the resulting story.

After "In search of lost giants "

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a) After "In search of lost giants "
In 2015, an interesting series grabbed my interests on History channel, about two brothers quest to search for the remains of giants, after thousands of reports from the end of the nineteenth century and the beginning of the twentieth century of skeletons of giants often from eight to ten feet being discovered buried or sealed in caves, and they made an attempt to hunt down evidence. While all of it was very exciting, one thing that I thought was rather strange was that they discovered there was also a curse that effected many people who went in search of the remains of giants and one of their party was hit by the something of that nature.

b) Lincolnation/Aliencoln Part 2
In the TV series, it also mentions that Abraham Lincoln mentions in his notes from a trip to Niagara and so it seems that he had an interest in giants whose bones filled the mounds who must have gazed upon the Niagara although in the same paragraph he appeared to be talking about mammoths and mastodons gazing upon the Niagara. Did Lincoln wish to differentiate between the bones found in the mounds and the bones of Mammoths and Mastodons, and should we assume that the bones of those animals were found in mounds rather than giants. The series also suggested that he visited the mounds of Louisiana where the bones of giants had been found

Source quotes
  1. Abraham Lincoln: "The eyes of that species of extinct giant, whose bones fill the mounds of America, have gazed on Niagara as our eyes do now. ( Collected Works of Abraham Lincoln. Volume 2., See;view=fulltext)

After "Lincoln" (Lincolnalien or even Aliencoln.)

Leading from

a) A vision
In 2012 I saw the movie Lincoln and was intrigued at the beginning about how there was this strange dream scene taking over the whole of the shot. I wondered what I was actually looking at and if this dream was something hovering in the centre of the room with both Lincoln and his wife being shocked by the sight of the thing, and this strange hallucination like thing would direct Lincoln to something else, just as his dreams were prophetic and would lead onto something else. I started to think of Lincolnalien or even Aliencoln and probably not because of the quite interesting movie Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter. Lincoln's dreams were usually portents of war. Perhaps Lincoln had a vision of what seemed to be his own death in a dream and he went to meet his death anyway.

b) Another Stupid idea
How that would transform further was that the vision is picked up on a space ship, that they realise that they’ll be heading off to a certain direction across the stars. The indication is that they were picking up traces of transmissions from a derelict spaceship far away and so they decided to intercept it, traveling light years. Their analyser picked up tachyons that showed them the possible ways into future events bypassing the events that would be needed to happen in order to get their attention about it.

c) Amputee Limb Pit
They encounter the derelict ship across space and find that inside it is a pit with discarded human limbs, just as the pit outside the hospital in Lincoln where amputee limbs are found. Perhaps this is also an echo of the Roswell incident where it seemed that an alien craft with human body parts on board was discovered.

d) Putting an android somewhere
Maybe the movie would have an android who was built in Abraham Lincoln's image as an homage to the president in  P K Dick's novel "We Can Build You" finally published in 1969 although the actualy story first written in 1962, just as Bishop and Bishop 2 were by the time of the production of Alien Vs Predator supposed to be created as a homage to Charles Bishop Weyland. Curiously Disney created an animatronic Abraham Lincoln that featured in the 1964 World's Fair in New York.

Disney's animatronic Abraham Lincoln, incorporating 
cutting-edge technology that gives the mechanical man 
nuanced, lifelike facial expressions and lip movements, 
first premiered debuted at the 1964 World's Fair in New York.

e) What about the alien?
Really it might be hard to find a place for the alien creature in the movie. My thoughts also went on to perhaps the alien took form of creatures that connected together and transformed into structures that were transmitters deadening the minds of people around and then again interpreted as symbols of evil such as the Swastika buried within very fabric of known reality, and they were breading away like cysts, until someone had to go in there and pull them out and kill them. In June of 2015, US President Obama urged an end to the flying of the Confederate flag, due to the Charleston shooting. 

f) See After "In search of lost giants " or Aliencoln/Lincolnalien part 2 

g) See also: What about the Alien? part 2 or Lincolnation part 3


Aliencoln. Someone posted a photo of the Alien
and Lincoln blu-ray next to each other on a shelf
and I merged the two together in view of my own vision

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Time Tomb concept

leading from
a) In the 2010s, my concept evolved into the idea of the derelict ship becoming a time capsule placed there by something aeons ago by something realising that the human race would eventually intercept it and find out what was in there and get into trouble. Everything we've assumed about this civilisation is a result of it being a construct with elements inspired by human perception. Perhaps something in the distant past could see into the future, perhaps by making guesses with quantum physics in a manner that we find in our modern sci-fi mythologies.

b) I liked the idea of "Time tombs" when it was mentioned to me about JG Ballard's 1963 short story "The Time Tombs" turned up as a subject in JG Ballard's. Time tombs also turned up in the 1989 Dan Simmon's novel Hyperion, certain anomalous structures assumed to have been sent from the future to fulfill a purpose.  In 2012 a 'Time tomb team' of archaeologists are mentioned in connection with the group of archaeologists from the University of Leicester who are leading the search for the lost grave of King Richard III (see:

c) What this presented the aliens as seem to be less and less of a concern, as if whatever they were, it was nothing more than the need to grab the human civilisation's attention for any old reason. The human need to revive an ancient civilisation is another lie thrust upon the human civilisation. The apocalyptic Christian fundamentalists have got it right all along, everything out in the depths of space is there to deceive the human species.

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Reveries about a bike fused with
raptor dinosaurs after Jurassic World

a) Despite not enjoying the movie "Jurassic World", the poster featuring raptor heads and motorbiker along with the actual scene in the movie did inspired me to want to merge raptors with a motorbike into some sort of biomechanoid form. So the first terrible very rough sketch of the "raptor bike" came about. It's the beginning of an attempt to look for a clue about what should manifest out of a need to draw the thing, and indeed the dinosaurs might as well be Giger's Alien in some form in this drawing. I perhaps wanted to include the tails of the creatures and perhaps this would not work at all.

First very vague sketch of a raptor bike

b) In combination with a poster for the movie, a certain famous Olmec relief and a Giger painting Necronom VIII inspired by that very relief would also give further shape to the "raptor bike idea". See also for more about the Giger painting and the Olmec relief:

c) Second sketch still quite rough and not particular that good, of the intended "raptor bike" after myself wanting to mentally merge the raptors and the bikes together when they chase the giant dinosaur in Jurassic World. However I didn't want to find myself drawing a picture of Chris Pratt the actor from the movie. With an attempt to merge it with a certain famous Olmec relief and a Giger painted Necronom VIII inspired by that relief.

Sketch of Raptor Bike inspired by Necronom VIII

d) From the Giger painting , I have transformed the eye back into a helmet and turned the ear into buttocks and so perhaps one might want to imagine that there is a humanoid operating a racing bike machine with the rider's body near vertical . Perhaps another sketch with make the idea more developed or perhaps not. One can never tell these days.
However there is a good chance though that I am not really interested in any possible result I might create beyond an extreme rough sketch and perhaps something else has to be integrated into the idea

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Fisher Price Cot Activity Centre Space Jockey Platform

a) Stage one of a digital painting that explores how influence from various versions of the Fisher Price Cot Activity Centre might have an underlying effect on or reflect the modern creative consciousness in its attitude to compact amalgamation, including the juggernaut pilot platform from Prometheus, and also toys of that nature might merge with sci-fi thinking.  

b) Obviously the cow that jumped over the moon should have six white blobs on its hide to make it look like the Prometheus star map.

A very late version of the Fisher-Price Cot Activity Centre
serving as an inspiration for this piece.

c) See also: Giger's Passage Temple Entrance: Biomechanisation of the Fisher Price Cot Activity Centre at

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Effects from seeing Prometheus

leading from
a) When Prometheus came out in 2012, I wasn't particularly that interested in most of the designs and what they should mean to the Alien mythology. From then on there wasn't really much of one for me other than some general ideas that reflected the engineers relationship with the space jockey thing in the chair in Alien.

b) However I personally started experiencing ideas about the reality of a holographic universe and it wasn't really something that interested too many people. I also picked apart the designs to see how the creatures seemed to reflect a certain Pink Floyd influence, in terms of Gerald Scarfe's work on The Wall movie and then also where the designs didn't work, they opted for something influenced by Ralph Steadman from his Fear And Loathing In Las Vegas days.

c) Then another secret behind the movie coming to the surface was an interest in Steely Dan's Deacon Blues song. I was however inspired to think about the ancient tablets showing off ideas about Ancient Astronaut concepts, but the production didn't lead anywhere that vital, and there was little to talk about afterwards. However the scene involving the holographic orrery and the discovery of the sleeping giant was something that deserved repeated necessary viewing for me.

d) The mysteries regarding the original space jockey had been left behind and replaced by something that didn't quite fit and it saddened many. Taking the engineer itself for what it was, unrelated to the original space jockey and its mysteries was likely to start leading some people off in new directions. When I started thinking about how it resembled Master Burg from various stories by Moebius, there were some other places to go.

(see Exploring Moebius' influence on Prometheus for item about Master Burg.)

The Slaughterhouse Derelict idea

leading from

a) Later in the 2000s, my scenario evolved to being one about the derelict ship being a sort of a bastardized hospital ship that was also a slaughter house. The ship landed with the idea of saving the dying inhabitants of the planetoid from a weapons factory disaster. I had always been inspired by the idea that Giger had imagined that there had been a technological civilisation upon the planetoid that was somehow destroyed. There isn't any known connection with the novel Slaughterhouse 5 by Kurt Vonnegut

b) The vessel landed to have the victim's remains processed and they become food for the thing we know as spores. However the are not allowed to leave the planetoid because they have become contaminated. The planetoid is considered to be "on lockdown" (which is a term that I have picked up from the Prometheus commentary). Their DNA will be harvested from the remaining life forms in aeons to come.

c) Another concept that I had was that they couldn't return to their home world because the necessary Stargate or wormhole leading to their place of origin was shut. Perhaps this concept reminds me of the Harkonnen Castle concept for Jodorowsky's Dune. So the spores represent a remnant of a civilisation to be revived. If they become the aliens, then a much more intelligent civilised species of alien life form might come out of it later.

Giger's Dune II Castle Harkonnen that shreds
its visitors and then digests them in its bowels

Derelict as a temple environment in space

a) Transformation temple
In the 1990s my idea about the derelict mystery transformed by studying the way that in the Alien script had the derelict and the silo as two different places belonging to two different species and then they became part of the same vessel and the alien life forms soon were the cargo of the derelict ship rather than an invading life form. I was very interested though in how victims of the aliens were somehow being transformed into spores, originally going with the assumption that it was an actual metamorphosis taking place because of the photograph of Giger's original Brett Egg looking as if Brett was slowly metamorphosing into something. Later I discovered that Ridley's idea was that the human victims were literally being eaten alive by an alien life form.

b) The Demon's tomb
From reading a magazine article, I liked the idea that the derelict interior seemed like the inside of a demon's tomb and from Ridley's I liked the idea of derelict ship interior also somehow being a temple environment with the space jockey on his seat as a central icon and then I thought perhaps this meant that the silo was a crypt for a hibernating ancient civilisation in a form far removed from anything understandable. These temples might well be forming out of the subconscious perhaps. I liked the idea that something might be derelict and then somehow, and what the observer thought they were looking at might only just be icing on the cake as far as what it actually was. Later I would find out that the Space Jockey with its chair was largely inspired by the Sokar Funerary Barque used in ancient Egyption rituals.

c) Dissecting the derelict
Back in the later 1990s, I compiled a document of information called Dissecting the Derelict (which sounds a bit too much like the name of the book Dissecting Alien that came out a little earlier) to look at the possibilities that there were other ways to think about the mysteries of Alien, The Derelict Ship and the Space Jockey, rather than leave it as nothing more than what Jim Cameron said about the derelict ship in Aliens.  (See: My original essay from about 1998 Dissecting the derelict)